Comfort in an Abundance of Thoughts

I wrote a song about 35 years ago that my mind was drawn to today. The song was titled “Come, let’s sing for Joy”. But my song was just a rendering of songs the Psalmist wrote 3000 years ago. they are in Psalm 94&95. those Psalms numbered in the 90s are great worship feeders. I love the honesty of David’s songwriting and I can’t wait to hear him sing them some day. He is honest and when we read this, and put some of them to our own tunes, we realize that Life is hard, but God is GOOD. God is Present, he is Persistent, He is Patient, He is Prescient, that is he knows before it happens, and He is Prepared.

Psalm 94 begins “O Lord, the god who avenges (NIV). The God of Vengeance (CSB) – Paul wrote in Romans 12:19 “Vengeance belongs to me” and he is referring to Deuteronomy 32:35 Vengeance belongs to me; I will repay… in time their foot will slip, for their day of disaster is near. Then Moses says, The Lord will indeed vindicate his people. Oh the thoughts flood our mind when things don’t seem right, when people act wrongly, unjustly, those thoughts, “why, when, how, come on people, come on Lord”. And WE want to DO something. But Vengeance is NOT for us. Why? Because Only God is LOVE ENOUGH, only GOD is JUST enough, only God is WISE enough to do vengeance correctly. And So, v2 of Psalm 94 asks God to, RISE UP . The singer says, “Judge the earth, pay back the proud what they deserve” and then comes “How Long?” And if we read through Psalm 94 says “They say the Lord doesn’t see, pays no attention”. Oh my the thoughts that run through our head.

But THEN the songwriter tells us – “pay attention you stupid people!” (CSB). Well alright then, He reminds us that God made ears, and he can hear, and he made eyes and he can see; and he teaches, so he KNOWS, and that he disciplines. All these thoughts are running through our head about right and wrong, and v14 says the lord will not leave his people. But the questions still run through our head. V16 who stands up for me, against the wicked, against the evil doers? But v17 comes back to reality, regardless of how it’s going, if the Lord had not… another translation says unless the Lord… Come on somebody. If it had not been for the Lord… what might have been. The singer says “I’d have died.”

For me 35 years ago, I formed my second verse from vv18-19 of Psalm 94. When I cried my feet are slipping, your love, Oh Lord, supported me… When fear was great deep within me, you brought joy to my soul…

Verse 19, CSB renders it when I am filled with cares. NIV says when anxiety was great within me ESV the cares of my heart are many, KJV in the multitude of my thoughts. You can put it many ways but we can all relate. The Young’s Literal Translation rendered it, in the abundance of my thoughts within me

What do we do when our hearts are full, racing, complex, seeming without any answer… What do we Do? COME to the Lord.

When our thoughts are running all over the place, don’t go the WRONG PLACE. Don’t seek wrong help. Don’t join forces with the forces that are driving the madness you see. the singer takes a turn and asks a hard question, can a corrupt throne be your ally? Listen… God is not allied with evil. And God will not lose to evil. God is still on the throne. Yes there is EVIL in the World and they are working against the people of God, the creation of God, the Love of God… but v22 the Lord is my refuge, my God is the rock of my salvation… v23 he will pay them back… and the song ends… The Lord our God will destroy them.

Oh people, I’ve read the back of the book, God wins! And if you continue Psalm 95 says, Come, let’s shout joyfully to the Lord, shout triumphantly to the rock of our salvation Let’s enter his presence with thanksgiving, let’s shout triumphantly to him in song. For the Lord is the great King above all gods.

Take some time and keep reading Psalm 95, and praise the Lord.

When your mind races, run to the Lord. Turn your thoughts to him, put your trust in him. Don’t wallow in your thoughts, Come to the Right throne, the right king. The Lord God Almighty is his Name.

Hmm I can’t finish without saying Philippians 4:8 tells us whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy, Dwell on these things. 2 Corinthians 10:4 says take captive every thought and make it obey Christ.

Oh I can’t always control my thoughts, but I CAN control what I DO with my thoughts. Shift your focus, sing for joy, take refuge in the Lord

Just for fun… Here’s a 1988 recording of that song… that’s a young Jim Goforth, in a demo recording – Enjoy

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