Speaking Engagements and Concerts

Pastor James (Jim) Goforth brings a wealth and variety of experience to ministry.  He has been preaching since age 13, singing most of his life, and a Pastor for more than 25 years.  Most recently Pastor Goforth was the Senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  He ministered there in the largest USA Military Community outside of the United States.

After three and a half years of ministry at the First Baptist Church Mixon, He has become the Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church in Ferguson, Missouri.

Speaking Engagements:

Jim Goforth has been preaching revivals since he was 16 years old.  He is still preaching and teaching with passion and energy, 40 years later.

Pastor Goforth brings a shepherd’s heart, an evangelist’s passion, a teacher’s care, and a storyteller’s craft into the pulpit.  He is an Expositional teacher without being dry, a storyteller without being shallow, and an evangelist without being heavy-handed, all with the care and concern of a pastor/shepherd.

  • One day teaching / preaching events
  • Multi-day Bible Conference
  • Revivals

Leadership Training and Consultation:

James Goforth has extensive background and training in Vision/Mission development, communication, and implementation.  Volunteer leadership conferences have always been a big part of Pastor Goforth’s pastoral ministry in his own church, and in conferences in churches and on the mission field.

Racial Reconciliation has been a heart issue for Jim Goforth for most of his life.  He has served on boards like “Mission Metro St. Louis”, and “Friends of Dred Scott” in St Louis as well as similar ministries in Houston.  But it has been the hands-on, in church ministry, that sets him apart.  Pastor Goforth has led his churches to reach their communities in a holistic fashion.  His leadership has led his churches to be multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-generational, seeking to be “a church like Heaven.”  Pastor Goforth can consult with church leadership in determining their context and seek to make systemic changes to reach their community for Christ.

  • Single or multi day leadership conferences
  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Church health and revitalization consultation

Concerts and Worship:

Jim Goforth is a singer, songwriter and musician.  He has a tenor voice that thrills and touches deep places in the heart.  He is a musician, playing piano and guitar.  As a songwriter, he writes original worship, contemporary hymn arrangements, and personal songs, all with a contemporary gospel influence.  He has a Bachelor of Music degree and long history in Concerts and Worship leadership. He is available for concerts, worship experiences, and leader training.

  • Concerts
  • Worship Experiences (including preaching/teaching)
  • Worship Leader training and consultation


Scheduling and Contact:

Please Email Contact Information and Date Request to:

  • jimgoforthjr@yahoo.com

Financial Arrangements:

  • Love Offering or Honorarium plus Travel Expenses


“Character, Competence, and Courage … his heart beats for all peoples … He is a great preacher, singer, worship leader, and if that is not enough he is a very competent golfer.  He is a very gifted man”Jim Breeden – Former Executive Director St. Louis Baptist Assc.

“My chaplain colleagues and I love him so much that we also call him ‘Chaplain Goforth’.  He is a kindred spirit focusing solely on caring for the sheep and inviting the lost to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   He compassionately leads by example in evangelism and incarnational ministry … He is a strong leader and has been the picture of a devoted and loving husband, father, and grandfather to his family.  I supervise about 35 Chaplains in this community.  I consider him the best preacher in this community to include all of these very gifted chaplains.  I am so impressed with the meat of the word and Jim’s delivery of the word that I have had him speak and sing at several community prayer breakfasts with Generals and several hundred military personnel in attendance.”Colonel Scott A. Hammond, Command Chaplain USA Army 21st Theater Support Command, Kaiserslautern Germany

“Pastor Goforth is a minister with a wonderful command of the Scriptures and a gifted delivery style. The sermons are thoughtful, well-prepared, intellectually and spiritually challenging, and enjoyable. He preaches the Word with insight, conviction and joy. Pastor Goforth is a skilled worship leader, to hear him sing prepares my heart for worship and learning”. Jeffrey m. Tiede, MD, Lt Colonel, MC US Army, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany

“Jim is known as a pastor who is unafraid to tackle difficult ministry circumstances, because of God’s call on his life. Jim challenged his church to become a church that seeks to disciple the nations (Matthew 28:19) in their own backyard. This was not easy to do, but Jim took bold and visionary steps, and God has blessed his work. Regarding preaching, I have heard Jim preach to our students in chapel several times. He is one of their favorites. Jim is a Bible expositor who focuses on faithfully expounding the word of God and applying it to contemporary life. I still remember the theme of his last sermon several years ago, “There is a Savior.” He riveted the students’ hearts and minds to what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross and called them to trust Christ’s finished work on their behalf.”
Dr. Andy Chambers – Senior Vice President for Student Development and Associate Provost, Professor of Bible

“I swiftly became intimately aware of his sincere love of God, infectious enthusiasm for ministry, and genuine love for all people.   He is clearly one of the most gifted preachers and worship leaders I’ve met in 22 years of pastoral ministry.  Without question, I can attest to his trustworthiness, judgment, and reliability.   James’ most remarkable assets are selflessness, loyalty, dependability, and accountability.   All of his colleagues within the community fully respect his ministry gift, and often sought his wise counsel … Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse and highly recommend Rev. James Goforth”J. Alan Neal, Senior Pastor, Agape Christian Faith Center, Ramstein, Germany – Presiding Bishop Eljah’s Bread Ministries International. (Colonel US. Army Retired)

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