This Is My Dream

Dr. King had a dream.  That dream inspired me growing up. I wrote a song on MLK Weekend in 2002

I had a dream, I woke by the sea, people all around me, far as the eye could see

I focused on the faces from ev’ry tribe and tongue, lifting up praises as one to the throne

And I cried “Father, what’s happened to the dream?  Why don’t we have this freedom that I see?” It was Jefferson’s Declaration, Mr. Lincoln’s Proclamation, and Dr. King’s Enunciation of the Heart of the Savior of all when he prayed

“Father, let them be one, I am in you, they are in me, may they come to us in complete unity” he prayed

“Father, let them be one, that the world may believe that they can be free, may they understand, love is the key”  This is my dream

That we shall overcome, we shall overcome, by the word of our testimony and the power of the blood, greater is he within me great is his love

There is a dream, there is a hope, that you’ll not be judged by the color of your skin, but by The Lord who lives within

I know what will be, up there by the sea, but why not now, why not today, why not you, why not me?

This is my dream

This Is My Dream (c) 2002 – Jim Goforth

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