God Remembered Noah

I’m preaching through the first 12 chapters of Genesis right now. Today I’m doing some prep work for chapter 8.

So, let me allow you to peek in on my thought process preparing for preaching on chapter 8. This series is different than breaking down every verse, it is a single message of importance from each chapter. Well, as I turn the page I can’t get past verse 1, “God Remembered Noah”. Oh Somebody, I might just shout right here. I don’t know if you ever feel like God has forgotten, or worse yet doesn’t care. Oh it was 120 years from the call to the rain. Then 40 days of rain, and months of waiting for the water to recede. Remember they were floating in a casket shaped water vessel. They couldn’t steer it or control, they were in the hands of God, literally and figuratively.

So, this isn’t the sermon yet, just some observations I would share with you.

  1. God Knows – God Remembered Noah
  2. God Works – God Caused a Wind to pass – the same God that opened all the necessary sources of water in chapter 7 to bring the flood, now closes all those sources in chapter 8. God is working
  3. God Finishes – The Ark Came To Rest – while we rest IN Christ, dead to self, alive to Christ, we can know that the Ark will come to rest where God intends.

So then there are some important Conclusions

  1. God – it is God, First and God Last. Alpha / Omega, Beginning and End. He starts and he finishes
  2. God Knows – Always – Before, During, and After – God knows
  3. God Remembers – even when he is silent, he doesn’t forget
  4. God Responds
  5. God Knows My Name – God Remembered NOAH. And I am reminded right now that God remembers Jim Goforth
  6. God Has a Timetable – As you read this story beginning in chapters 5 and 6, notice all the timetables. Why? a) these are TRUE accounts of Historic Events b) These are appointments on God’s Book

So, finally let me give you some Confidence Today

  1. God is on the throne
  2. God has perfect timing
  3. God has not forgotten
  4. God is not lazy, he is busy, he is patient for the right time

What do we do while we wait? There are plenty of passages you can read today.

Luke 23:42 – the thief on the cross said, “remember me Lord” and Jesus said “today you will be with me”

Judges 16:28 – Samson has failed the Lord but he asked “Lord remember me. Strengthen me just once more”

Jeremiah 15:15 – “You know Lord, remember me, take note… that I suffer… for your honor” – Oh Child, God knows, and takes note, and he has your tears in a bottle and a book about you written himself. (Psalm 56:8)

Job 14:13 – “if only you would appoint a time for me and remember me” don’t worry he has and he does

Finally go to the 106th Psalm and read verse 4, then back up and use the Psalm to Praise the Lord. ” remember me… come to me with salvation” so while you wait “Hallelujah! Give Thanks for he is good and his love endures forever”. The writer says “remember me so that…” a) I can enjoy being chosen b) I can rejoice c) I can boast about my heritage.

Well I could go on and on, but just know this today, whether in the height of success, the depths of failure, the dirge of death and suffering, God has NOT Forgotten you. Look up, Trust Him, Take his hand, he is leading to the House of the Lord. Surely, Goodness and mercy are following you. They may not always be with you right there, but they are following you, pursuing you, that is the truth you can trust!

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