Bearing The Yoke

Just a short thought about bearing the yoke, that is the struggles of life.

MOST TIMES: we are trying to “lay God at the foot of our problems.”  That is we try and bring God to our struggles and ask him to fix them, explain, them, etc.  But by doing that, we are interpreting God by the candlelight of our problems.

This Faulty and Dangerous!

I must lay my problems at the feet of Jesus!  That’s what Philippians 4:4-9 is talking about.  I must present my requests to him like an act of worship, trust, hope, and faith.  Then I must interpret my problems based on the light of Jesus,


From HIM

Through HIM


Are ALL things

It is God at the beginning, at the center, and at the end.

Then … it begins to make sense.  And even if it doesn’t, God does.  He is the ONE we must seek to understand, not the yoke I bear.  Do not bow at the altar of your problems, but bow at the altar of Christ.


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