“He is Just Lost”

Ian O’Conner reporting for ESPN today a aid “he is just lost in every possible way, literally and figuratively.”   

The story hit yesterday of Tiger Woods’ latest scandal and as the details came out this morning it just got worse and worse. Everyone will be piling on, but I want you to know what I am hoping.  

I am hoping that Tiger Woods wins 19 majors.  Now if you know me you will know how strange that is.  I am 52 and a lifelong golf fan.  I grew up in Ohio. I am a Huge Jack Nicklaus fan.  I am a single digit handicap golfer, was even employed as a teaching professional for a minute.  I have a great appreciation for the golfer that Tiger Woods was.  But I was never a fan. I didn’t like the hype, and I didn’t want him to beat Jack’s records. I didn’t want him to become the GOAT in golf, that was Jack’s domain. And it still is.  Oh there are many great golfers, and many great for a time but whether Norman or Miller or Whomever, something always brought them down.  

For Tiger to be the GOAT he would have to beat the record. It is the greatest of ALL time not just A time.  

So there was a time when Tiger could be that arrogant guy that we saw on TV, and do the things we didn’t know were happening out of the spotlight, and still win.  However, time, physical limitations, and these indiscretions have caught up with him, like an unseen foe in the night, and that greatness cannot just happen now. 

Nevertheless, I hope Tiger wins 19 majors.  Why?  Because for him to win 5 more majors at this stage in his life, he will have to find his life.  He will have to get his life together.  He will have to get help and get healthy on every level. I, for one, pray that happens.  

Jesus said “he who would find his life must lose it”.  Jesus said “what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul.”

Yes, Tiger is lost. He told police that he had been playing golf in Los Angeles, but he was in Jupiter, Florida.  He has his coasts backwards, and his life too is upside down.  If you are flying an airplane, and think you are right side up, but are upside down, when you pull “up” you will crash.  

Yes, I am praying for Tiger. Praying that he will find the Author of Life. I am praying that he will turn to Jesus, and find that he has been there all the time. 

 Jesus said “I have come to seek and to save that which was lost.”  Jesus said “I have come that you might have life, abundant life”

Tiger and countless millions who are lost and lifeless need the Seeking One who gives life.

Will we pray for them?

Will we tell them?

“Lord open Tigers eyes, open his ears, open his heart.  Bring someone across his path today, and tomorrow, and the next, and the next, until he says ‘Lord, I believe’.”

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