I Know Child


 I know child, 

I know you’re suffering the frailty of humanity. I know you were born in the suffering of sin. I know you are suffering in loneliness, longing for me; I know child,
I know.

Healing will come, health will renew.

But for now you are suffering ,
I know. 

 Your suffering may be self-inflicted.  Your suffering may be the human condition.  Your suffering may be human injustice.  Your suffering may be so that one may believe. 

No matter,
I know child,
I know. 

 Whether you suffer in silence,
Whether you suffer alone,
When you suffer in the light of persecution and a martyr’s blade; 

I know child,
I know. 

 Look to the manger and see the glory of the universe’s king suffering alone the indignity of poverty and humanity.
Look to the hills of Galilee and see him suffering rejection and disbelief of a message too hard for some and misdirected for others.
Look to Pilate’s courtyard and see him suffering the lashes of an angry establishment.
Look to a hill called Calvary, and see him suffer the greatest pain as mercy is provided and grace paved the way; 

“Where are you Father?”; “Why am I alone?”; “Why have you forsaken me?”;

I know child,
I know

 In the darkness and silence of the tomb,
Hear him say “I know child, I know”.
In the fear of the upper room, disciples hiding frightened and ashamed

 I know, child,
I know 

Oh but a light dawns
The earth shakes
The stone rolls
And the Father says

 I know, child
I know 

 Whatever you face,
Looking back at the sun setting on a Resurrection yesterday
I see the glowing light of a dawn in the east …
I hear the faint rustling of a trumpeter preparing his mouthpiece, taking his stand, as God says

 I know child, I know!
Today you suffer no more!

 Hallelujah, I know!

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