Do Not Despise The Small Things

IMG_0965Zechariah 4:10 says “Who despises the small things?”

Have you ever paid attention to the Triangle Player in the Orchestra?  What do they say? “There are no small roles, only small actors.”  Just a minor deviation makes a huge difference down the road.   A turn of the body starts with a thought, a twitch of a muscle, a signal from a nerve that is imperceptible but it moves the body.  The rudder is small compared to the boat and is hidden under the water, but it makes all the difference.

The scriptures are full of “small things”.

Enoch did nothing of record in or out of scripture.  All we know about him was that he was a husband and father and that he “walked with God”

Abraham LEFT Ur … Abraham Believed God

Sarah laughed.  We beat her up for that, but really, she was an old woman who had no children and they told her that she was going to have a son.  She laughed, was it a lack of faith, or a positive doubt that thought, “wow, but could it be true?”

Moses was a baby in a basket before he lead Israel.  No one noticed him except Pharaoh’s daughter.  Then he was a shepherd in the wilderness meeting God at a simple bush on fire

Do not despise the Little things

Joseph was just talking about dreams being faithful where he was, a slave, stuck in prison … little things

Rahab had heard about God’s deliverance of Israel and she believed and was fearful of God.  “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” and then she just hung a red cord from her window in the wall of Jericho

Do not despise the Little Things

Ruth just made a decision to love her mother-in-law, Naomi – “where you go I will go … your God will be my God … your people will be my people”  Just a little thing … Lay down at the feet of Boaz … Little things

Gideon had his 300 men … men unafraid, but with eyes on the horizon

Joshua “stayed in the presence of the Lord” while he was Moses’ servant

Samuel was just a little boy saying “speak Lord”

David was just bringing bread and Cheese to his brothers … he just stopped to pick up 5 smooth stones

Don’t Despise the Little Things

Haggai said “is this nothing in your eyes?”

Mary was just a girl from Nazareth,

Shepherds in the field, just some stinky Jr High boys

Just a birth on a cold night in a Shepherd’s Cave Manger

Just a 12 year old boy talking to teachers in the Temple

Just a little boys lunch – just 5 cakes and 2 little fish among 5000 men

Do not despise the little things

Up toward the modern days,

Just a Shoe Salesman  and a Sunday School Teacher named Edward Kimble who shared Jesus with that young shoe salesman named Dwight L Moody one of the greatest preachers of his generation

Moody impacted F.B. Meyer, Meyer, Wilber Chapman, Chapman a baseball player named Billy Sunday who became a flaming preacher, Sunday Mordecai Ham, and while Mordecai Ham was preaching, Billy Graham walked the aisle to receive Jesus as his Lord.

Do not despise the little things

If we could list all the “Little Things” God has done, all of the World’s Libraries couldn’t hold the books we would write.  The pile would rise to Heaven and beyond

Wherever the gospel is told, the little things are remembered.

You see … God doesn’t do  “little things”, he does unnoticed thing, just not little things.

Open your heart, open your eyes

What is He calling you to do?  What is He doing that you missed, or failed to praise him for today?

Open the eyes of your heart.  Open the eyes of faith.

Despise?  That means to “show contempt, to look down”.

I’m JUST a triangle in the orchestra … Really?  But when your place comes … will you ring it out or leave a space?  No one will notice, will they?

The Composer will know.  The Conductor will know, even if no one else notices.

Proverbs 13:13 says “whoever despises the word brings destruction on himself, but he who reveres the commandment will be rewarded”

“revere” = tremble

Oh if you’ve been given a little thing, fear it as the critical piece in the plan of God on which much rests or falls … Complete it as unto the Lord from a Diaper Changer to a Deacon … From a Parent to a Pastor, all are Servants of God’s will and Purpose

Who despises the little things?  Oh Lord, let it not be me.

Not Me Lord …

Here I am Triangle in Hand, Read to Play … Ding!

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