Preach The Word

2 Timothy 4:1–2 (NIV84)

1 In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: 2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.

Four Things here – Preach, Be Prepared, Be Pertinent, Be Patient … Ok, I KNOW some love alliteration and some hate it, I personally love it. As a preacher I’ve done it so long, I just see it and like it and helps me remember it.

1. Preach the Word

– Preach – kerysso = announce, tell, preach – Mark 13:10 uses this word when it says “the gospel must be first preached (announced) to all nations”

– Preach The Wordlogos = the logos isn’t aa thing, or a concept the logos is a PERSON.  John 1:1,14 says “in the beginning was the Word … with God … was God … 14 the word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.  We have seen his glory …”  And verse 12 told us “to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become the children of God”

We have an announcement to make and it is JESUS.  He alone makes us the children of God

We may help with marriages, finaces, parenting, but we are to be announcing the Word of God in the flesh … Jesus He is the Answer.  he is the Glory of God we behold.  Preach Jesus!

2. Be Prepared

“In season and out of season” … we are only caught off guard when we are unprepared.

What are our objectives?  What are our expectations for “normal”?  What are our contingencies because chances are it won’t go as we think.

I was in Atlanta, I had finished a conference and I wanted to visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church, ML King Jr’s church for the first time.  I drove my rental car to the church, next door was a store and a parking spot.  I was listening to Gospel Music and a couple of homeless gentlemen were sitting on the curb of the store.  I pulled in, opened my door, music playing and one of the guys walked up and said “I’m a Christian” … before I knew what I was saying I said “well I’m a pastor” and put my hand out.  He said “you’re a pastor, you have to pray for us.” he grabbed his friend and a moment later, I’m standing in a circle with several homeless guys, praying for them.  This wasn’t my plan that day, I just wanted to go to the church.  So I’m talking with these guys, at the Lord’s leading, I bought them lunch, got a promise they would attend church the next day.

Be Prepared, IN season, or OUT of season

prepared – ephistemi = “to approach, be near, attack, be imminent” – Be Ready to take the stage, when God calls you to step up …

In Season – eukairos = convient / favorable time

Out of season – akairos = untimely / unfavorable

“Lord, this is not a good time” – have you ever said that?  But who gets to make that call about our time?  The Maker of Time, the Planner of the Universe.  If my schedule is full, but God’s schedule has my name on it … well … Be Prepared, imminent, ready, approachable when it is convenient, favorable, or unfavorable, inconvenient … Be Present, God is

3. Be Pertinent

Sometimes we are ready to preach, ready to announce, ready to pass judgment, but what we give doesn’t fit the circumstance or the plan of God.

Going back to my story in Atlanta … I met those guys, God had a plan for me that day, they certainly had problems, but did I need to talk with them about the dangers of alcoholism, or needing a job, etc?  No  I need to pray with them, encourage them and point them to Jesus.  That was my job that day.

This verse says “correct, rebuke, encourage”  What I do has got to be pertinent, fit the situation.  Plenty of times, I’m forced into a situation I am not ready for, or don’t like, I have to pray through it, “Lord what do I do, what do I say?”

Sometimes I have to correct … other times, I outright need to rebuke, but still other times I’m just called to encourage.

Correct – elencho = expose – uncover the error, identify the course correction needed

Rebuke – epitimao = rebuke, command, sternly – sometimes a stern correction is needed with “teeth”, saying “this is wrong, wrong direction, turn around, repent … even discipline or consequences.

Encourage – parakaleo = to encourage, to urge, ask for earnestly, invite – The Holy Spirit is called a paraclete “one who comes alongside to comfort” …

Listen to the Lord, fit the situation

Preach the Word, Prepared, Pertinent then lastly

4. Be Patient

“with great patience and careful instruction”

In all 3 correction, rebuke, and encouragement, we need patience and care.

We will not always get results and the timing may not always be what we want … but


Peter uses this word when describing God’s actions waiting patiently while Noah built the ark — and only to save people.  Sometimes we want to “bring the flood” … Be Patient … even though it was warrented, it wasn’t time and 8 people were important.  Even in the face of great wickedness, yet they were part of the plan of God and he was patient.

In view of Christ’s appearing … God may come at any moment, so let’s be READY at hand, imminent …

Announce Jesus

Ready to give the right response with great care patience …

If you are ready, willing, waiting, you are saying “COME JESUS, COME”

Announce Jesus


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