Put On the Armor


If the struggle you face today, in your mind has a human face and a name, then we are missing the most important understanding in the battle.  Eph 6 tells us that we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood.

But let me take a step back.  verse 10 says “Be STRONG in The Lord in his mighty power”  “strong” is the word endynamous.  It is a verb in the present passive tense.  It is also in the imperative tense.  It is an instruction of importance to BE STRONG.  But to BE passively strong in God’s power, we must PUT ON the elements that make Him who HE is.

“Put on” = clothe, dress oneself.  Because we struggle NOT against flesh and blood, then we can’t put up our struggle in a fleshly way.  We do not wage war as the world does.  So we must Be strong not fight FOR strength or power.  The devil it says is “scheming” methodeias … it’s plural he comes at us with many schemes.  “Therefore” v13 says “put on the full armor of God” – How often do we leave part of God’s armor in the closet?  It’s ALL ineffective without the other pieces

Without the Breastplate, our vital organs are unprotected.  Without the Belt, fastened the breastplate bangs up and down and we can’t run to the battle.  Without Shoes, we have no firm stance and we might as well be wearing socks on a freshly waxed floor.  Without our Shield, we are bare-handed against flaming arrows.  Without a Sword, we have no weapon.  Without a Helmet, our head, mind, are defenseless and our decision making is under attack.

But we are to put on the FULL armor of God.

Put on, The Breastplate of Righteousness.  Then our heart is protected for life and strength.  Then we have intestinal fortitude to stand strong.  OUR righteousness is filthy rags and our heart is deceitful above all else so we must put on the Righteousness of GOD.

Put on the Belt of Truth.  How often do we fight the wrong battle, for the wrong reasons?  It is because TRUTH isn’t secured in our life.  Put on, take up, TRUTH

Put On The Shoes of The Gospel.  When we are firmly rooted in His word, His Gospel of Good News, we can plant our feet here and lace up our shoes each morning.

Take up the Shield of Faith.  We must believe that Christ has gained every victory for us at the Cross, believing that He leads us in Triumph, knowing his promises and standing in faith behind them.  Then satan’s arrows are deflected and extinguished.

Take the Sword of the Spirit.  It is our only weapon, the Word of God, which we fight under the direction of the Holy Spirit as he directs when and where to use it.  Know it, use it, for His Kingdom and Glory.

Then put on the Helmet of Salvation.  Having the mind of Christ, committed to Him, standing in his Salvation and having his attitude of Selfless Service.

Then fully outfitted, we can pray effectively in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers.  Don’t get this out of order.  Many things we pray for would be taken care of if we would but PUT ON the Armor of God.  I think sometimes, when we pray, God points to our closet and says “THERE IT IS.”  Put it ON.  Perhaps we pray and we look over to the closet and there is still one piece or all is still hanging there.

Romans 13:11 and following says “understanding the time … wake up … 12 put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light … 14 … clothe yourselves with The Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Did you notice that our Armor isn’t a thing, it is JESUS.

His Righteousness is  our Breastplate

He is TRUTH, our Belt

His News is the Gospel Shoes we wear

Faith in HIS work at the cross is our Shield

His Word is our Sword

His Salvation is our Helmet

Put On Jesus Christ, Then you find, Passively, that you ARE Strong in His Mighty Power

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    • Since August I think. I try and post a devotional once a week but sometimes it is more sometimes not at all. Often it is my staff devotion for the week. It is also a way to connect with our people deployed downrange

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